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Fruit, Nut & Butterscotch Chocolate Biscuit Log

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Fruit, Nut & Butterscotch Chocolate Biscuit Log
Recipe for Fruit, Nut & Butterscotch Chocolate Biscuit Log

A delicious cross between rocky road and chocolate log – this simple to make, lip-smacking recipe, using mostly store cupboard ingredients, is the prefect no-bake, no-fuss dessert for Spring!


• 330g Crispy Butterscotch Chocolate (3 share bags), broken into pieces
• 100g unsalted butter
• 50g golden syrup
• 150g sultanas
• 150g glacé cherries, halved
• 75g Brazils, halved
• 150g shortbread, roughly broken up

• Place the chocolate and butter into a large, microwave-safe bowl and heat for 30sec bursts until melted and smooth.
• Stir the syrup, fruit and nuts into the melted chocolate then carefully fold in the shortbread until everything is covered in chocolate.
• Spoon the mixture onto a piece of cling film, shape into a log with your hands then wrap it in the cling film and chill in the fridge until set – around 4-5 hours.
• Before serving remove from the fridge, unwrap and cut into slices. Allow to come to room temperature before serving.

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