Uglies Cocoa Cookie, 20g x 40 wrapped clusters

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Nutritional Info

40 undeniably delicious Cocoa Cookie Uglies, individually wrapped.

Each moreish bite is filled with crunchy biscuit cocoa cookie nuggets smothered in the same smooth (but knobbly) Lily O'Brien's milk chocolate.

The ideal treat to nibble on the go, to share with pals... or to keep all for yourself!

  • Nutritional Info
  • Per 100g
  • Energy
  • 2087.5kJ / 500kcal
  • Protein
  • 7.5g
  • Carbohydrate
  • 60g
  • (of which sugars)
  • (50g)
  • Fat
  • 30g
  • (of which saturates)
  • (17.5g)
  • Fibre
  • 2.5g
  • Sodium
  • 175mg

Milk Chocolate 76% [Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Natural Vanilla Flavour], Cocoa Flavoured Biscuits 22% [Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat (Rapeseed & Palm), Sugar, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Glucose Syrup, Skimmed Milk Powder, Barley Syrup, Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate), Salt, Malt Extract, Flavouring, Acidifying Agent (Tartaric Acid)], Butter Oil (Milk).

Allergy Advice: For allergens, see ingredients listed in BOLD. This product may contain traces of Nuts.

This product does not contain any artificial colours or flavours. This product is suitable for vegetarians.

Milk Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 30% minimum, Milk Solids 20% minimum.

For maximum taste and enjoyment, please store your Lily O'Brien's chocolates in a cool dry place between 15-18°C away from moisture, strong sunlight and odours

  • I tried one on the train and literally it was as if time stopped and my mouth of salivating soo much, it didn't just make my day but changed my life

  • Got them supplied in 1st Class on a Virgin train recently. They won't win any prizes for looks but the taste is amazing. Can't wait for my next trip to Glasgow.

  • These are delicious! Just wish I could buy them locally (or maybe not!). Have also had these on Virgin trains but haven't seen them for sale anywhere other than Lily O'Brien website.

  • The Best Cookies I have ever eaten, In my entire life... Delicious!!

  • These are amazing! After years of searching I have finally found them Yay! I could eat these for the rest of my life!

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  • These are amazing! After years of searching I have finally found them Yay! I could eat these for the rest of my life!

  • Had these on the train from Manchester to London....on the way back I asked for extras! They are AMAZING!

  • Totally and utterly in love with these biscuits................served when travelling first-class with Virgin Trains. Will now always travel with this service........just for these biscuits :)

  • Yum! These Uglies are the best chocolates ever and now you can buy them! They are soooo delicious and my entire family loves them. They are the tastiest things you will ever eat!!!


  • Had one on a train today and I've come hunting for more! Lush!

  • Definitely going to buy some of these cookies!

  • Got gifted these as an Easter egg last week. Not too pushed on chocolate so only got around to opening it today. These are AMAZING. I need more.

  • I had one when I was waiting for the train in the lounge so good I had to take a few more on my way out!

  • I had one when I was waiting for the train in the lounge so good I had to take a few more on my way out!

  • Yes I'm another victim of the absolutely scrumptious cocoa cookie on Virgin Trains. Immediately ordered a box of 40 online - hope they are there when I get home !

  • Like many I discovered these on the train, and oh my goodness theyre amazing! I immediately began the online search for these! Delicious!

  • My dad gets them from us when he come back from 1st class Glasgow, they are AMAZING !!

  • Tasted one on Virgin train to London, wow!

    Nearly fell over ourselves to log in and buy a box.

    Delicious! Buy them!

  • Virgin Trains are to blaim. My life will never be the same again. I am in love with Uglies x

  • Where I can to buy???

  • First experienced these on the train to London. Wow! I'm hooked.
    If you ever just need that little chocolate fix with a cup of tea this will hit the spot the only problem is trying to resist going back for another.
    They are milk chocolate with dark chocolate cookie chunks in them but they compliment each other perfectly. Don't change a thing Lily O'Briens these are simply gorgeous!!!!

  • Absolutely scrumptious. I could just sit and eat the lot but my waist line says NO. The crisp with the richness of the chocolate is so moreish, I'm so glad I discovered them. Love at first bight on a train journey to London.

  • Truly one of the best chocolate biscuits I have ever had ;-D

  • I love these cookies and the sultans uglies.

  • I purchased these just on the reviews alone.
    I'm so glad I did- these are my new chocolate fix.

  • They have these free on virgin trains first class.So here's a tip.Go first class. Get to the station early and wait in virgins first class waiting room.These cookies are there free..Eat as many as you want to!!Yhey really are rather good.Also in not a kid I'm 63

  • Best choc fix going. Have ordered but was for a gift and just came in a plastic bag .

  • Had these on a train journey from London and they were superb.

  • Wow great cookies! I had to find where to get them apart from Virgin Trains.....

  • Reading all of these reviews made me chuckle! I feel the same way! I had the pleasure of eating one of these cookies on my train journey form London to Manchester. I'm now sat here at work dreaming about them. I too wish they were available locally. Thanks for such an experience!

  • I got these in first class on the train. They were so good I wanted to buy the 40 pack, but it is out of stock.

  • Received one of these on a Virgin Train to Edinburgh - didnt think much of it until i tried it and now I have bought 40 more. Amazing!

  • Just tasted these for the first time on Virgin trains first class! Amazing! Will be making an order for sure.

  • I had one at a trade show today. I couldn’t remember the meeting because I was eating my “Uglies” they should be called “Beautues” they are amazing! Just googled where to buy them order on its way !

  • These Uglies biscuits, they are delicious.
    So good, I'd have thought them fictitious.
    I've ordered more,
    Two dozen score!
    Is eating them all too ambitious?

  • First enjoyed these on Virgin West Coast First Class.I have purchased them for the staff at the John Radcliffe and Royal Brompton Hospitals who have saved my life on three occasions!I am told two large bags were gone, in under a hour at the Brompton. Tip:.If travelling Virgin West Coast,.Go first class,wait in their f.c.waiting room..Big boxes of uglies,free to help one self.They are so Moorish.

  • I tried these on the train in first class to London! So heavenly! So took a picture of the packet so I could google them just now! Please stock them everywhere pleeeeaseee

  • Just had my first 'Uglies Cocoa Cookie' (again Virgin train) and immediately googled to find out where to buy them. They're absolutely delicious. The man opposite me is asleep, I wonder if he would notice his missing....

  • Incredible. Got them on the train from london to Glasgow and it made my journey!

  • On a train from Erinburgh to London we had the joy of experiencing these! Definitely ordering some for home! :-)

  • Tried these on the train to and from London. So good I’m going straight into the website to order!!!

  • On a Virgin train from Crewe to London. These were served what a Treat. Uglies should be called Beauties they are divine

  • My friend gave me one from his train journey, I loved it! Now I'm on the website trying to buy some!!

  • Girl , you genius with these

  • Great to find out you can buy them. I was beginning to think that they were only made for Virgjn Trains West Coast Line. I always ask if they have my favourite Irish biscuit and they usually give me a few. and may I say an excellent addition to the Firsts Class Service

  • Amazingly crispy and tasty

  • These cookies are addictive, had some on West Coast train, perfect combination of chocolate and crunch. Not too big, surely not too many calories ;-)

  • Was given a handful of these in First Class on a Virgin Trains service from Liverpool to London last night, and they are absolutely amazing! Wish I'd asked for more now. x

  • Honestly if i was to just look at the reviews alone on this site i would think that it's fake. But i had these chocs on virgin trains and kept the wrapper in my bag to order some more when i got home. SO SO SO GOOD!

  • Not a fan of chocolate but OMG love these little Choccy heavenly bites of deliciousness.
    Want more......

  • Sinfully yummie

  • OMG......literally amazing.....just placing an order now!!!

  • Searched every website for these didnt realise how much variety there was! 10/10 for myself and as gifts

  • OMG where have these been all my life...just been handed one on train journey home

  • Lovely tasty biscuit on the train. Wish I had more!
    Will definately buy again. .

  • OMG amazing

  • I need advice on how to fight off friends when they know you have a bag of uglies!

  • Had one on the train and needed to buy some ... dreamed about them... have to have them...

  • I ate all 40 of these in a week during my first year at uni - changed my life

  • ****** delicious!

  • I crave this ugly each minute i’m Not eating them

  • Superb

  • I just got given an ugly on a train and my life is now changed forever. Buying some immediately! Only 100cals each as well, get in my belly!

  • I love these Uglies, I have them on the train in the first class. I am recently retired and spend many days out on the train and these Uglies are always a highlight of my day. I am pleased i have found where to buy them!

  • I was given these on a train from Liverpool, they were a revelation! I kept the packet to look up the website and to my delight, I found them and ordered immediately.

  • My first ever time trying these omg so much delicious and delight. Got them travel on Virgin Trains

  • Very yummy small bites but, enough to satisfy that chocolate craving.

  • Like everyone else has my first uglies on the train and I am now hooked

  • Tried this on Train, wow they are amazing.

  • Search up sumptuous I’m the dictionary and you will see Uglies

  • Like so many others, I first discovered these on Virgin Trains. With them losing the franchise to Avanti, I had to log on and order a few boxes in case the new operator changes the menu and Uglies are no more. Not often I get cravings for anything but Uglies are life-affirming!

  • Delicious

  • Get this on train . Loved it gonna order mines

  • Uglies are Beautiful....ideal for your chocolate fix . Fabulous !

  • As with many others, had these for the first time on a train. My days, they are out of this world. These should be sold in every supermarket so everyone can have them!

    So glad I came across these!

  • My favourite snack, no frills or fancy packaging to hide behind. Absolutely delicious

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