Indulge in the Decadence: Personalised Wedding Chocolates for Your Special Day

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate your blissful union than with the most luxurious, mouth-watering chocolates? Allow us, your passionate chocolatier, to entice you with an exquisite selection of personalised wedding chocolates, designed to elevate your celebration to new heights of sweet sophistication.

Imagine a moment of sheer delight as your guests receive a beautifully presented box, adorned with a shimmering gold or silver ribbon. The anticipation builds as they open it, revealing a treasure trove of handcrafted chocolate delights. Each sumptuous bite tells a story of romance, elegance, and the finer pleasures in life.

We understand the importance of crafting an extraordinary experience for your loved ones. That's why we offer many distinguished options for your personalised chocolate boxes: the enchanting 2-chocolate box or the opulent 4-chocolate box. Whether you desire an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our chocolate creations will satisfy the most discerning palates.


Now, let's explore the decadent flavors that await you. Imagine the lusciousness of our Sticky Toffee chocolate, with its velvety caramel center and a delicate crunch that melts in your mouth. Or perhaps you crave the passion and intensity of our Crispy Hearts, where smooth milk chocolate envelops crispy, irresistible honeycomb.

For a touch of divine citrus, our Zesty Orange chocolate will transport your taste buds to sunny groves, with a harmonious balance of tangy zest and rich chocolate. For those seeking a sophisticated indulgence, the LeCrunch Chocolat boasts a symphony of textures, blending caramelized rice crispies with smooth milk chocolate.

Dare to explore further with our Key Lime Pie chocolate, a tantalizing fusion of zesty lime and creamy white chocolate that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Or savor the classic elegance of Crème Brulee, where the velvety caramelized custard notes dance harmoniously with the indulgence of dark chocolate.

For the true chocoholics, we present the Double Chocolate Truffle—a pure delight for the senses, with its rich, smooth ganache and a luxurious coating of dark chocolate. And for those who appreciate the simple perfection of pure chocolate, our Simply Chocolate is a testament to the artistry of cocoa, offering a moment of pure bliss.

To make your personalised wedding chocolates truly extraordinary, we offer the option to adorn each box with a heartfelt message in lustrous gold or silver foil. This touch of elegance adds a regal allure, as if each chocolate was created exclusively for your esteemed guests. Let them marvel at the attention to detail and the personal touch you have infused into every delectable morsel.

Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story, and what better way to express it than through the language of chocolate? From the carefully selected ingredients to the meticulous craftsmanship, our personalised chocolate boxes embody the essence of romance and gastronomic delight.

So, dear couples embarking on a journey of love, let us be your partners in creating unforgettable memories. Allow us to craft a symphony of flavors and sensations that will captivate your guests, leaving them with an indelible imprint of your special day.

Visit our website and let us guide you on this delectable journey. Together, we will create personalised wedding chocolates that will enchant, delight, and bring a touch of sweet magic to your celebration.

With love and chocolatey dreams,

Lily O'Brien's