Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Facts

Oh, let’s talk about everyone’s favourite subject… well that’s why you are here right? Chocolate!


All you chocoholics and dessert lovers, buckle up as we share with you some of the most delectable choccie facts for you to feast your appetites on. From historical through to some fascinating scientific wonders, we’re diving headfirst into our favourite thing in the world – something we are really good at!


So, let’s uncover those endorphins and grin-inducing facts that make chocolate more than a treat– because chocolates are for life, for gifting and best shared, right?! Hmmm or maybe not?


Did you know?...



1. Choco History: Chocolate has been around for over 3,000 years – that's older than some ancient pyramids!

2. Mood Booster: Eating chocolate can release endorphins, giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling. It's like a hug for your taste buds! Who doesn’t smile when you see or taste your favourite chocolate?

3. Chocolate Charm: In 2021, Ireland dazzled the world by exporting a whopping $351 million worth of chocolate! That’s a whole lot of chocolate love going around, wow!

4. Cacao Currency: Ancient civilisations valued cacao beans so much, they used them as money. Imagine paying for pizza with chocolate? Tough call!

5. Rainforest Cocoa: Cacao trees thrive in tropical rainforests, making them nature's chocolate factories.

6. First Bar: The first chocolate bar appeared in 1847, way before golden tickets and Oompa-Loompa’s danced into our hearts and created the idea of the magical chocolate factory.

7. European Adventure: Spanish explorers brought chocolate to Europe, where it quickly became the talk of the town (and royal courts).


8. Swiss Sweet Tooth: The Swiss are officially the world's top chocolate fans, eating more than anyone else. Must be the Alpine air!

9. Tempering Trick: Tempering chocolate isn't a magical spell – it's a scientific process that gives chocolate that oh-so-smooth glossy texture. And when it’s cooled, the nice crack or snap when you bite into it…before it melts in the mouth of course.


10. From Bean to Bite: Chocolate's journey involves fermenting, roasting, grinding, and a bit of chocolate wizardry to become the treat we adore. Our chocolates, started in an Irish Kitchen, created with passion. Our kitchen is much bigger now, but our passion for great chocolate is still the same today!

So, the next time you dive into your Lily O’Brien’s Dessert Collection, remember these chocolatey fun facts to enrich your conversations! Have we got you fancying some of the good stuff? Feast your eyes (and your tummies!) on our bestsellers here


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